Dessert  & Pastry Photography Services

Flash Forward Photography provides restaurants, cafes, and bakeries in Northwest Indiana and Chicago with professional photography services for desserts, pastries and other food items.

Dessert and Pastry Photography

Northwest Indiana and Chicago Dessert & Pastry Photography

One of our core competencies is food photography – it’s an artform that we have mastered. Capturing flavor and texture when photographing desserts is a niche, specialty service. Jonathan Weber of Flash Forward Photography can capture your baked good items in highly visual, brilliant photos that will present your business in the best way possible.

Beyond simply snapping photos, Flash Forward Photography will work with you on lighting, staging, and the overall presentation to make sure you get the highest quality photos of your desserts and pastries.

Our services for bakery or cafe photography include:

  • Dessert photos
  • Pastry photos
  • Baked good photos
  • Interior/exterior photos
  • Staff photos and head shots

Our clients receive vibrant photos for use anywhere they are promoting their business. On social media, on your website, in print ads and marketing pieces, on billboards or outside ads – photos from Flash Forward Photography let you market your business wherever your customers are.


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