Flash Forward Photography is a husband and wife team business. Our make up is Jonathon Weber, the photographer, and Genna Weber, the receptionist, appointment maker and all around keep-it-togetherer (Genna also publishes Heavenly Plate - a successful food and cooking blog). We have two wonderful boys that amaze us and make us proud of them over and over, not to mention keep us on our toes. 

Jonathon has been capturing images since he was a child. He got more serious with photography in High School with a film photography class and henceforth, the relationship with man and camera began. He has studied graphic design at The American Academy of Art, studied computer graphics at The Illinois Institute of Art, and has a degree in digital photography at Harrington College of Design. At Harrington, Jonathon majored in food and product photography. He also won the Holga challenge, a contest open to students and professors. He has a true eye for composition and brings out the character in any subject. "When you have a passion for something, it just flows and it shows", Jonathon on photography. 

Genna is a wonderful mother and wife with a passion for cooking. Her food blog, Heavenly Plate, features some of her favorite recipes. She is the glue behind Flash Forward Photography. When you call, most likely she will be there to answer your questions and schedule you in. Her love of cooking is reflected in her near chef like skills. She has been taught many techniques and recipes from her Italian and English ancestors. Nearly all of the food items and recipes that you see in our Portfolio, have been cooked and prepared by Genna. 


We have worked with clients all over the US and abroad. Our clients include but are not limited to; Lights.com, Johnson and Johnson,  ABH Manufacturing, Croumbles Inc., Brightech, Q Restaurant, Celtic Complexions, Candles Recharge, Genadyne Biotechnologies, Warren Wexler, and South Asian Heart Center